Thursday, November 22, 2007

Welcome and Join Me: Vade Mecum

A Genealogist's Vade Mecum...An itinerary of my days and nights of research

As with Mrs BEETON's books on 'Household Hints', you are invited to enquire within this blog of me upon anything and everything genealogical.

This is a first out of the gate effort for me as a blogging genealogist.

I started my interested in genealogy and family history at age 10, some 34 years ago. I used to be a stamp collector. Now I am a collector of genealogical minutiæ. I no longer bother with most other puzzles, crosswords, and such, for I have the greatest puzzle of 'em all to work away at to my heart's content: the human family tree.

My own corner of that great maze is occupation enough, though I do get curious about the genealogy of others. In fact, I have been known to investigate the genealogies of various historical figures and prominent people. It pays to be curious in genealogy. After all, we are all cousins at some remove, or so 'tis said.

Actually, I am my own cousin many times over, but that's another story for another day.

The fascination and preoccupation of genealogy never ends.

I hope you will come along for the journey, or a least for part of it...

Come along, come along, let us foot it out together!
Come along, come along, be it fair or stormy weather!
For it's heel and toe and forward, over bracken over stile,
And it's soon we will be tramping out the last long mile!

At least for today.

To adapt my maternal grandmother's saying: "Sufficient to the day is the challenge thereof."


From your webhost, and resident blogging genealogist/bloggealogiser


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